Dog Backpack Mint


A dog backpack which is ergonomically designed and allows you to take your best friend with you anywhere safely in comfort and style.

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The K9 sports backpack is the original forward facing dog backpack. It is super safe with adjustable straps to ensure that your dog cannot fall or jump out. Your dog is positioned facing forwards in the backpack in a way so that there are no hard pressure points anywhere on their body, not even their legs. There is also a rest pad at the bottom of the bag, providing even more support for your dog. The backpack will safely carry any dog up to 14kg. Warranty is valid for dogs up to 14kg. The open side mesh panels will keep your dog cool. It is made from a waterproof fabric to ensure your dog stays nice and dry. The bag also features side pockets perfect for carrying keys, water bottle, treats, etc. With sizes ranging from a Small (35-43cm), Medium(43-51cm) or Large (51-58cm), a 60 day warranty, every dog and his owner should have one of these backpacks! Go bike riding, hiking, shopping, almost anywhere!